Timber is a modern and timeless building material. Building with timber can be done virtually anywhere and

it is a versatile, compelling building material; modern and classic at the same time. We use this natural resource in a sensible and appropriate way and bring out the full potential of its unique character.


Our workshop in Gümligen has been producing a wide range of masterpieces for over 90 years. 

2016: New website and marketing activities.

2015: Renovation of the conference room with new materials library.

2014: Name changed from Flückiger Holzbau AG to Schreinerei König AG.

2012: Modernization of existing premises to optimize processes and production.

2007: Mascha Da Rin König and Daniel König take over the entire stock portfolio.

2006: Workshop expanded massively, the building division is closed down.

2004: Daniel König joins the management team.

2000: Sale of Flückiger Holzbau AG to Röthlisberger Schreinerei AG.

1975: Construction of the assembly hall and increased activity in timber construction and carpentry.

1972: Fritz Flückiger Junior, engineering graduate from the ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, joins following reorganization as a public limited company.

1961: Entire main building written off by another fire. Rebuilt as present office building.

1947: A fire precipitates move to present site at Sägeweg 15 in Gümligen. Continuous development and expansion into a well-known firm in the region.

1924: Company founded by Fritz Flückiger Senior and Albert Flückiger on Worbstrasse in Gümligen.


Sport and culture mean a lot to us, which is why we sponsor the following organizations: BSV Bern Muri AG, Bern Capitals, Damenturnverein Ostermundigen (ladies' gymnastics club). Turnverein Ostermundigen (gymnastics club), Kunst am Wasser Aare (Aare art on the waterside), Musikschule Muri Gümligen, Tennisclub Thoracker Muri, Theatergruppe Signau.